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Types of pressure vessels

The first generation has single-walled tanks made of aluminum alloy or one-piece steel, which are heavier than subsequent generations.

The first generation

مخازن تحت فشار نسل دوم

The second generation

The second generation has lightweight single-walled tanks made of steel, aluminum alloy or one-piece steel, which have been assisted in reducing the wall thickness of glass fibers around the cylinder by 90 degrees.

Third generation

The third generation has walls and lightweight lenses in the form of one or more pieces of metal, which are made of glass fiber, aramid or carbon T-300 or T-400 as a whole screw. The weight of these tanks is lighter than the second generation and the percentage of pressure tolerance participation in metal liners is much lower.

Fourth generation

The fourth generation of tanks, known as full composite or ultra-light tanks, have a very thin liner of a variety of polymers, 316 steel and sometimes 6065 aluminum, which are all screws of T-700 carbon fiber or a mixture of T-700 carbon fiber. And the glass is covered. These tanks are the lightest pressurized tanks.

The characteristic of the cylinders of the mobile breathing system produced in Sairanian company is the increase of working pressure along with the reduction of weight compared to the conventional cylinders. For example, these cylinders weigh 67% of the weight of Drager brand cylinders in the same volume. The inner liner of these cylinders consists of a thin layer of 316 steel, all screwed with T700 carbon fiber. Due to the high corrosion resistance of 316 steel in different environmental conditions, these cylinders are not limited by the type of fluid and can be used for a variety of gases and applications. Accordingly, one of the most important and unique uses of them is hospital and military consumption                                                                                                                                    Metal tanks* 
 Concrete tanks* 
 Composite tanks* 
 Steel tanks* 
.In different sizes

Due to the role of the accompanying respiratory system in maintaining the health and lives of people in times of technology crisis, the construction of this device in every period of history has been within the boundaries of relevant science because a high pressure system along with the human respiratory system and ensuring its correct operation. Crisis has always been a matter of challenge and can be improved. It is growing and progressing. In this process, weight loss along with increasing performance time has been one of the most important achievements