Sanaye Sane Samim Arjmand Iranian Industries 

صاایرانیان-سیستم-تنفسی-دستگاه-سیستم-تنفسی-دراگر-ماسک-شمیایی-ست-لباس-مخصوص-گازکلر-کمپرسورهوت-کمپرسوراسکرو-ابزارالات-ابزارآلات-نفت-گاز—پالایشگاه-پنوماتیک-هیدرولیک-رگلاتور-آتشنشانی-آتش-نشانی-چشمشوی-چشم-شوی-دوش-اضطراری-اتصالات-هارنس-لنیارد-دتکتور-سیستم تنفسی-ماسک شمیایی-میلاد-اسعدی-صاایرانیان-اپتیک-صاایران-هود-هود آتش نشانی-دریل-لجنکش

.​knowledge based Co

​industrial machinery

  Construction of various production machines or complex production lines for special and new utilization
Making all kinds of filament devices
 All kinds of heavy work presses (a bove 1000 tons)
Construction all kinds of hydraulic jacks and high pressure hydraulic systems

In the new era of industrial automation and instrumentation in various industries and industrial processes have a special place. Industries such as oil, gas, petrochemical, food and automotive industries and other industries need very sensitive and precise industrial devices and tools. Technological advances in recent decades in process control and measurement of various industrial parameters such as pressure, flow, temperature and… have increased the quality of products and reduced production costs.
Industrial machinery plays a special role in industrial automation by manufacturing devices and production machines.

Usage of industrial machinery