Sanaye Sane Samim Arjmand Iranian Industries 

صاایرانیان-سیستم-تنفسی-دستگاه-سیستم-تنفسی-دراگر-ماسک-شمیایی-ست-لباس-مخصوص-گازکلر-کمپرسورهوت-کمپرسوراسکرو-ابزارالات-ابزارآلات-نفت-گاز—پالایشگاه-پنوماتیک-هیدرولیک-رگلاتور-آتشنشانی-آتش-نشانی-چشمشوی-چشم-شوی-دوش-اضطراری-اتصالات-هارنس-لنیارد-دتکتور-سیستم تنفسی-ماسک شمیایی-میلاد-اسعدی-صاایرانیان-اپتیک-صاایران-هود-هود آتش نشانی-دریل-لجنکش

.​knowledge based Co

SAIRANIAN صاایرانیان صا ایرانیان milad.asaaadi milad asaadi sa iran میلاد اسعدی whhdvhkdhk wh hdvhkdhk wh hdvhk ldghn hsund scba SCBA صنایع صانع صمیم ارجمند ایرانیان سیستم تنفسی سیستم تنفسی همراه BA ba cba ماسک پانوراما ماسک صاایرانیان دکترمیلاداسعدی دکتر میلاد دکتراسعدی

 Sanaye Sane Samim Arjmand Iranian Industries Knowledge-based Company (Sairanian) with the aim of upgrading the level of knowledge and technology and localization of production in our beloved country Iran in various fields of industry, especially oil, gas, petrochemical, military and weapons industries, facilities and infrastructure and relying on the capabilities and expertise of its domestic experts, it has Entered the fieled of industry and the hard way of domestic production, and thanks to God it played an effective role in the production and self-sufficiency of the country in the field of strategic products.Sairanian is a company that produces and at the same time supplies all kinds of equipment and strategic parts that are widely used and knowledge-based in various industries and operates in 24 fields in a completely professional and specialized manner. Providing engineering and production services based on the technical capabilities of the company's experts, has resulted in creation of numerous honors in the field of domestic manufacturing. So it has led to a reduction in the need for imports, especially in the current conditions of sanctions.

​about us​​​​​​​

​integrated management system 

In order to successfully implement and based on the principles of its projects and products, Knowledge based Sairanian Company has applied integrated efficiency management system which meet requirements of various international standards and their control mechanisms. It has succeeded to obtain the certificate of integrated management standards. The company is proud to benefit from this system in order to achieve macro national goals.

                                                                                          ISO 9001:2015
                                                                                                                ISO 14001:2015
 ISO 45001:2018

CE certificate​​​​​​​

                 Knowledge based Sairanian Company has obtained the CE cetificate for the products of Iranian Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus, hydrogen sulfide service unit, drilling mud diagram unit and harness. The CE mark indicates compliance with the standards of health, safety and environmental protection for products and their production processes.
                                                                                        SCBA CE 
                                                                                     H2S SERVICE UNIT CE
                                                                                 MUD LOGGING UNIT CE