Sanaye Sane Samim Arjmand Iranian Industries 

صاایرانیان-سیستم-تنفسی-دستگاه-سیستم-تنفسی-دراگر-ماسک-شمیایی-ست-لباس-مخصوص-گازکلر-کمپرسورهوت-کمپرسوراسکرو-ابزارالات-ابزارآلات-نفت-گاز—پالایشگاه-پنوماتیک-هیدرولیک-رگلاتور-آتشنشانی-آتش-نشانی-چشمشوی-چشم-شوی-دوش-اضطراری-اتصالات-هارنس-لنیارد-دتکتور-سیستم تنفسی-ماسک شمیایی-میلاد-اسعدی-صاایرانیان-اپتیک-صاایران-هود-هود آتش نشانی-دریل-لجنکش

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Medical industry

Today, progress in the medical industry is one of the most important needs of societies to improve the quality of life. New approaches in the field of helping patients in different wards have led to the construction and development of new equipment. Meanwhile, the precision casting method is used as a unique method in the production of many parts needed in the medical industry. This two-way relationship has led to advances in precision casting and the development of many medical components.
As technology advances, so do different industries, and the medical device industry is no exception. Technological advances will help physicians and patients take a new path so that vital data at the time of onset (onset), health risk events, and their rapid healing are faster than ever, advancing classical medicine toward equipment. Be considered smart.

Manufacture of infectious and hospital filters and masks
​​​​​​​ (full face, half face, nose and mouth)

Making all kinds of health and hospital regulators

Construction of various health and hospital air supply systems

Manufacture of sanitary and hospital air conditioners (hygienic steel)