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Types of firefighting equipment

اتش نشانی-صاایرانیان-ایمنی-سیستم های تنفسی-کمربندایمنی-چکمه-لباس ایمنی-کوله-جعبه-کلاه ایمنی-صاایرانیان

Personal protective equipment is very important for firefighters. Therefore, an important quality criterion for them is the testing of operational and protective clothing related to the highest level of performance EN 469: 2005. In this regard, the best materials used are high quality materials (NOMEX), and heat and high flame retardant materials (PU) coated aramid fabric.
The new BPI suits are fireproof suits that are used in the Aviation  industry to make aircraft walls, firefighters in Formula One car drivers, and new ones in the fire industry.
In terms of strength and quality, it has gained many points compared to its former rival (NOMEX) and has surpassed its competitors. The firefighting clothes offered by Saeiranian Company are made of at least three layers, made of standard fibers and are resistant to flame and heat, moisture and insulation.
Sairanian personal protective equipment includes clothes, hoods, hats, gloves and boots.
Manufacture of various safety and fire systems (safety clothing, safety boots, seat belts, backpacks, boxes and special boxes, fire helmets, helmets, mobile respiratory system, air packs, etc.)

صاایرانیان-چکمه-کلاه ایمنی-دستکش-صاایرانیان
لباس اتش نشانی-صاایرانیان

Types of safety equipment

Safety equipment is a device that deals with protecting the life and health of people, so you should make sure of their quality and efficiency when buying so that you can protect your life by relying on this equipment in case of any danger.

Types of racks

Gas capsule rack, which is also called gas capsule pallet or gas cylinder bundle, is available in two traditional and modern models, ordered by the customer, and at working pressures of 150 bar and 200 bar in steel and composite capsules. 2-digit, 4-digit, 6-digit, 8-digit and 10-digit racks are produced and presented in Sairanian.


رک های کامپوزیت

رک فلزی-صاایرانیان

رک های سنتی فلزی

Has a scratch-resistant and lightweight strap
The pressure on the belt is transmitted by the shoulder straps on the shoulders
All-steel buckles that are very resistant to accidents and traction, which are easily regulated and can not be opened.
Lightweight parts have been used in the design and construction of the harness
Ease and speed in wearing harnesses
Has anti-shock belt and large hook​​​​​​​

Working seat belt at height

A lanyard is a set of tools used to hold a person to prevent a fall. Lanyards are divided into two categories: horizontal and vertical. There are different types of horizontal lanyards and vertical lanyards. Therefore, the type of user should be considered when buying. Single-branch lanyard with the abbreviation I, double-branched lanyard with the abbreviation Y and absorbent shock relay (shock receiver) are different types of lanyards.


The wind vane is a device for detecting the direction and approximate measurement of wind speed, which consists of two parts: windsock and base (rotation mechanism). Sairanian aeolian fabrics are made of light and special fabric, resistant and waterproof, and have an acceptable resistance against adverse weather conditions. The body of the wind vane is made of steel and is suitable for installation in sultry and humid weather. Sairanian is a supplier of wind vane and its base in a variety of colors and fabrics.

بادنما-پایه بادنما-صاایرانیان

Windmill and windmill base

Types of safety equipment boxes

Types of pollution discharge fans

Industrial fan is a machine whose main function is to supply and adapt a large flow of air or gas in various industrial processes. This is achieved by rotating a number of blades connected to the hub and shaft and guiding it by the motor. The flow rate of these fans varies according to their application. All air venting fans as well as jet fans and electrical and mechanical accessories related to installation in various dimensions, materials and colors and with low noise and coordinated performance can be offered to dear customers.


SaIranian Company is a supplier of shockproof and waterproof polymer boxes made of polypropylene and PVC in various dimensions and colors for packing and transporting safety equipment. Sayeranian boxes are light, stylish, decorated and with full cover, small and easy to carry, durable and have high strength. These boxes are available in external dimensions of 1345 * 595 mm to 220*215 mm.